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Medik8 Facials

Medik8 Superfacial Enzyme Peel
A natural enzyme peel to brighten the skin, treat small blemishes and a dull complexion.
25 minutes £25.00
Medik8 Superficial Facial Peel
A cosmeceutical facial peel to achieve smooth, healthy, radiant, younger looking skin. A suitable peel will be chosen according to your skin type and concerns. LIGHT PEEL: An introductory peel for acne, photo damage and lightly lined skin. ANTI-ACNE PEEL: Rapidly brings acne under control and reduces the risk of scarring. ANTI-AGEING PEEL: Reduces fine lines and wrinkles leaving skin smooth and renewed. PIGMENTATION PEEL: Helps reduce pigmented cells and prevents the darkening of new ones, leaving a brighter and more even skin tone.
40 minutes £30.00
Course of six treatments £150.00
Medik8 Medispa Essential Facial
A super facial incorporating a skin peel and a skin needling treatment to increase cell renewal, stimulate collagen and elastin production and enhance absorption of professional strength serums.
80 minutes* £46.00
Course of six treatments £230.00

*The Skinrolla must be purchased prior to this treatment

Skin Care Consultation
A thorough consultation to discuss your skin concerns and devise a suitable Medik8 treatment plan.
30 minutes
(redeemable against two or more products)