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Fresh Indulgence Organic Tan

Fresh Indulgence Organic Tan
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Fresh Indulgence Organic Tan offers a natural and organic based tan without artificial fragrance, preservatives or other harsh chemicals which can irritate the skin. It has been specially formulated with authentic and certified organic ingredients designed to bring out the best in your tan, ensuring a natural long lasting and flawless tan with an even fade off.

The Electric rapid-tan solution is faster-acting and better absorbing allowing you to shower after 2-4 hours. Allowing you to customise your own shade of tan and avoiding discolouration on bedding.

Benefits of the Fresh Indulgence range:

  • Contains 100% Eco-Certified DHA and is totally paraben-free
  • less DHA developing smell
  • golden natural tan
  • long lasting with even fade off
  • sun kissed holiday look in only a couple of hours
  • Can be washed off after 2 hours
Fresh Indulgence Organic Tan Prices
Full Body Tan £20.00
Half Body Tan £15.00

*A patch test is required at least 24 hours before the treatment.